First Post

Sunday, December 14, 2014

after a year disappear from Blog, I am back to blogging world to fulfill my desire to share my happiness journey for all of my readers. Honestly, one year passed with the long journey when I was busy with my work in Agency, headache with my thesis and even my love life with my boyfriend. I thought I had no time to create any post in blog and share some pictures.

December 2014, I decided to back as a blogger with some preparations which is new layout, new name, full commitment and ideas. I'm so happy tonight I can relaunch my blog and start to share the happiness journeys for you through Noir And Blanc. If you confused why should I change my blog name, simply just because I want to share something new and fresh which is describing my personality.

Hope you enjoy reading my blog, I look forward to hear a good comments from you :))

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