Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Yesterday, I visited one of the most happening coffee shop in West Jakarta area, yeah it's Koultoura Coffee. This was really my very first time visiting this coffee shop. There's a modern, warm and suspicious atmosphere when I was entering in and the baristas welcomed us friendly (fyi, 2 of them is my friend in campus). As a coffee shop generally, I just ordered in cashier directly. I ordered hot green tea latte and my friend ordered chocolate marshmallow.

We selected the sofa in second floor to sit. The atmosphere in second floor was pretty comfortable and it's fit for you who want to visit Koultoura while studying or probably for you who want to hangout with friends. You know what? there's something tickling my eyes when I saw the wall. Yesss! cute bear, owl and rabbit as their ambiance on the wall. No wonder with any creative ambiances in this coffee shop because there's creative peoples from Axioo behind all.

Talk about my hot green tea latte. I love it but there's still a bitter taste and honestly nothing can replace green tea latte from Starbucks in my heart till now. About their Mellow Chocolate, it's mouthwatering, sweet and the chocolate was successfully dominating the taste. About the price? the price is quite affordable especially for student's pocket. I give score 8,5 from 10 for this cafe and definitely will be back to try their main course. Fyi, they have seasonal beverage now named taro latte and my friend told me it's one of their bestseller menu.  

Hot Mellow Chocolate - IDR 35k (before tax)
Hot Green Tea Latte - IDR 33k (before tax)

Koultoura Coffee
Taman Ratu Indah Blok AA2 No.33
West Jakarta - Indonesia

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