Saturday, May 23, 2015

Hello from me!
Last Wednesday was totally my cheat day in the middle of my hectic week. I visited one cafe in North Jakarta area named Sicasila. North Jakarta actually is really far from my home in Depok area, so I have to drive and through probably 7 toll gate to arrive there. I rarely visit MOI and its not easy for me to find this place, I have to surrounded this place and asked security for about 3 times because they don't even put their name plank above their Ruko.

after so many egg tarts in front of my eyes successfully confusing me, I decided to order Chocolate Banana and it's recommended by their staff. I really enjoyed every bite of it and the taste totally made me addicted with it. However if we talk about this place, the best thing about this place is the ambiance, minimalism atmosphere and cozy feeling when I start to do my thesis (again) there. I enjoy my tight time to take a picture there especially bellow their favorite spot "#TOFSICASILA" even though I can't make a lot of picture and I didn't even bring my pro camera to take some picture (haha I promise you guys I will bring my DSLR if I hangout in new place next time). 

choco banana egg tart : 18k
cappuccino : 32k
cafe latte : 32k

Ruko Italian Walk (Mall Of Indonesia)
Blok B43, Jakarta Utara - Jakarta

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