Wednesday, July 22, 2015

 |a cup of cappuccino by my friend|

| Ice Cappuccino (33k before tax) &  Hot Cappuccino (33k before tax) |

Retorika Coffee is newly opened in Kelapa Gading area, North Jakarta. I didn't even know this place if my friend who live in Gading didn't bring me to try this new coffee shop after we had breakfast in the same area. When his car stopped, I am surprised by this coffee shop by their tiny space. When you enter this coffee shop you will be welcomed by their friendly baristas and luckily their owner serve us directly. Their owner was really friendly, he talked much with my friend about their coffee shop history and even talked about bakmie near Gading. The owner allowed my friend to make coffee and latte art for his coffee. 

Their cozy and homy ambience successfully hypnotised me, I felt like enjoying a cup of coffee while  taking a picture, chatting and laughing with my friends at my home. There's also unique ambience in their wall from ton of matches that form Retorika Words. Oh ya, their mug reminds me about Koultoura Coffee's.

Overall coffee and another beverage here was good. I ordered Ice Cappuccino and I like this. I also tried my friend's, she ordered ice red velvet latte and the taste was unique! From my experience with this coffee shop, I'm looking forward to another visit to try another beverage in this place.

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