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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

we deliberately sat in front of the glass to get a good lighting for our photo

such as a precious time when I got a chance to talk about random things with my best friend. For me the quality time with my best friend in weekend is really precious time because as a normal employee, I always sitting in front of laptop for 8 hours every weekdays. This is the power of our 6 years friendship, we meet each other infrequently but when we meet it feels like there's no awkward moment within us to talk about anything.

Let's talk about this coffee shop and anything related to Bogor. I and my friends made a plan to visit Bogor randomly. We went there by commuter line and the condition was we were unfamiliar with this city and Bogor is famous with too many angkot (public transpotation in Indonesia) where we had no idea which one will bring us to our destination.

Popolo Coffee is our third destination after Lemongrass Resto and Momomilk. Again the condition was we were unfamiliar with this city and any public transportation there. By Google Map and super long walk we finally arrived in Popolo Coffee, Hurray! you know what my other friends talked about us? We were really crazy just because we can arrived there without private vehicle.

Back to this coffee shop, we were welcomed by their friendly Barista and I ordered hot cappuccino. I thought nothing special with their coffee or price, but their cozy place is okay for you who want to have a chit chat with your friend. They also provide some magazines and news paper beside their cashier. Lighting from this coffee shop is okay for you who want to take some pictures and selfie.

Popolo Coffee Bogor
Loader Street, no 9, Padjajaran - Bogor

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