Sunday, October 25, 2015

 Local Boutique Skirt / Local Boutique Jeans /Adorable Project Sandals

I don't know what happened with this month, my mood is unstable and I feel like everyday is my bad day. Everything seems like disaster if we are talking about working life, I am not sure what I do now is my passion or not since the day I knew my strength is blogging from COL class(special class for future leader) . I don't know is it normal or not when working in agency is not even fun anymore. Anyway, I am trying to commit with my blogging schedule, once a week every Tuesday or Wednesday but this week I'm out of my commitment because my super duper busy week. I had so many dramas in my office, busy with my family business and my fashion business (soon).

Now in the middle of the night I am trying hardly to collect my mood, opening my draft post, writing something. Hope everything is going to be good tomorrow.

Hope you guys enjoy your weekend :D

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  1. Well, me too. Unstable and seems like i'm in a wrong path. I think everyone ever felt at that point. I hope we can pass it. Btw, good luck for your fashion business ;)

    -- Polkalicious --