A Few Things I Learned From 2016

Sunday, January 01, 2017

2016 was full of unforgettable journeys that I went through. A lot of ups and downs because it's not always a blooming season in a year, we also have to overcome a withered season. I also met a lot of people that inspired me, entered my life to taught me  a lot of lessons and made me more mature than before. I actually don't know how to describe how grateful I am now with all the processes I had been going through in 2016, I am not who I am now without my 2016 journey.
those pictures above from my Christmas dinner with my girls
The Road to Maturity Starts When We Face Our Pain Head
It's not because all of the problems in 2016 was easier but because all of those struggles taught me how to become more stronger and mature. Every next level of our life will demand a different of us.

Logic is The Beginning of Wisdom
I used to be someone who always put my feeling first and even took all of substantial decisions depend of my feeling before my logic. However, my horrible experiences had slapped me a lot to put my logic first.

Accept, Forgive and Let Go
Some people just don't want in our side, it's not our mistake or their mistake. Sometimes God put people in our life to teach you a lot of lessons. Accept, forgive them sincerely if they hurt you and just let them go. Remember, when you forgive you heal and when you let go you grow.

Put God First Always
Sometimes when we have too many obstacles and problems, we tend to blame God why that happened to us. What I released when the problems punch our life, I need to rely God and ask a favor from God to give me strength to overcome all of it. Just Believe God's plan never fails.

Work Hard Until You Become Successful 
Nothing worth having comes easy. I believe the harder we work and sacrifice for something, the greater we will feel when we achieve it.

Stop Thinking Too Much
Because it's alright not to know all the answer.

Happy new year 2017! May the dawn of this new year fill your heart with new hopes and bring for you promises of the brighter tomorrows. Have a wonderful year ahead!

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  1. Oh very cute style darling
    I love it your skirt
    Very cute pics
    Happy new year


  2. learned so many lessons from 2016 too. happy new year to you, xx

    VVEEKEND 101

    1. thank you for drop by, happy new year too :))

  3. This post was so inspiring, I love how all of your points relate to mindset and looking forwards :) I'll definitely be keeping your point of not thinking too much in mind this year!


    1. hi Gabrielle, glad to hear that ! thanks for reading :)

  4. couldn't agree more with stop thinking too much
    it really gets you nowhere
    I actually finds that you need to have a balance relationship with your feelings and logic to make the right decision
    sometimes your gut is the best decision maker :)

    The Sweetest Escape

    1. Hi Stevia,
      Thanks for reading dear. I really appreciate your idea. I think the concept of thinking too much is different with 'thinking forward'. Over thinking about something just ruins the situation and make everything much worse than it actually is.

      I agree there must be a balance relationship between logic and feeling and I didn't mention to overlook feelings. For me personally, logic comes first before decide something just because our logical thinking based on something accurate and certain.

  5. Happy New Year hun! I feel the same, working hard is needed in order to achieve your dreams.


    1. Hi Carina, Happy new year too! thanks for drop by :D

  6. Tiff, I am totally agree with you! I hope this year be better for you!

  7. Ahh same feels. Put God first. Always! I can relate with that Accept, Forgive and Let Go. :)
    Happy New Year! Hope you get to achieve everything that you want this year :)


    1. Hello Shaira, thanks for drop by. You too dear :*

  8. Happy New Year's 2017 Tiffany!
    This post is totally true.
    Hope this year could be greater for you x


    1. Happy new year Arinda!
      you too dear :*