Hello, glad to see you here! I am Tiffany the author of this blog. Began with my hobby to read several blogs when I was still in High School, I decided to created one with my sober writing and photography capacity. Graduated as a Bachelor of Arts in Advertising successfully brought me to enter and absorb plenty of knowledge in  Advertising Agency world. In 2016, I decided to quit from my full time job in Agency and start to reach my hidden dream as a music teacher. I have found my happiness and my truly passion since my first day as a teacher.

Despite teaching is my biggest dream, I can't abandon this blog and my huge desire to writing. After a long sabbatical, in the end of 2016 I put this blog as one of my priority in my journal and start to focus to make a good content that related to lifestyle and anything that is inspired me.

I love make a new friends, say hello to me through my email or Instagram
hellotiffannywu@gmail.com | @tiffannywu